Emsculpt®️ BTL: Personalized abdominal and buttocks firming treatment.

What is it

BTL’s EmSculpt®️, America’s only FDA-approved body sculpting treatment, is the first body sculpting treatment designed to “build” muscle while reducing fat, offering the most effective, non-invasive body reshaping option to date.


EmSculpt®️ with HIFEM technology, causes about 20,000 very strong ultra-maximal muscle contractions per session, which cannot be achieved with normal muscle exercise and normal gymnastics.

A sense of healing
Although the induced muscle contractions are very intense, they are not unpleasant. In addition, during the treatment, circular and pulsating massages and vibrations are performed, which bring a sense of relief and relaxation. This feeling is intensified after the end of the treatment, due to the induced hyperemia, bringing additional relaxation and well-being.


Treatment results:
Medical research has proven that after completing the treatment EmSculpt®️ can increase muscle mass by 16% and reduce fat by 19% at the same time.


* Builds and tones all muscles
* Emphasizes – Lines the abs
* Lifts, tones and strengthens the buttocks
* Fast and Painless 30 minute method – No recovery time
* Immediately visible – measurable results within the first month
* Natural results that last in time
* It is suitable for all ages of all genders, also suitable for menopausal and postpartum women.

With EmSculpt®️, a cycle of 4-8 sessions of 30 minutes is recommended, and each session should be 2 to 3 days apart from the next.


Authenticity of the machine EmSculpt®️
Unfortunately, more and more often, there is a misleading and unprofessional use of the trade name, but false invocation of the therapeutic properties of EMSCULPT, with the use of poorly made copies of extremely low cost and of course of dubious quality and origin, by traders who are active in the field of aesthetics, without having the appropriate professional status and training and the capabilities for the use of this unique device.
For these reasons, those interested in this treatment should only go to organized and licensed medical aesthetics practice areas and should often seek the necessary purchase documents, certification of authenticity and maintenance of this innovative and pioneering machine, so as to avoid exposure to misleading promises and expectations, as well as possible risks and side effects.

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Minimally invasive treatments

Nowadays, the demands for better and better results with less and less invasive methods bring to the fore a new part of plastic surgery, called “minimally invasive plastic surgery“.

In this category there are treatments for body and the person, enabling patients to obtain the most beautiful result without surgical scars and without long recovery times. Lifting, improving the shape and toning of the abdomen, neck, face, arms, thighs, breasts and knees can now be done through tiny incisions.

But who is this category of treatments aimed at?

These treatments basically come to meet the needs of 3 major categories:

  • Those that have no indication for surgery because the relaxation is not so great as to justify the use of incisions. In other words, younger people who see signs of sagging in their face and body, but feel it is too early to do anything invasive to correct it.
  • Those who, for their own reasons, do not want to undergo surgery under any circumstances (either because they are afraid, or because they have health problems, or for other reasons), even though they have an indication for it. Although the results may not be as impressive as those of surgery, minimally invasive treatments are a very good solution.
  • Those who, after liposuction surgery, have problems with surface disorders or even sagging.

In minimally invasive plastic surgery, bipolar ultrasound technology is used as well as depth-adjustable fractional ultrasound technology.

The tightening of the skin and underlying tissues they offer, reaches 36%, as demonstrated by clinical studies in the largest and most prestigious scientific journals, greater than any other method. The treatment can demonstrably improve areas of sagging that are traditionally problematic.

The use of fractional ultrasound can further enhance the above treatment or can be a separate treatment that can be done in a few minutes in the office using a simple anaesthetic cream.

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