Necklift is a surgical procedure to correct neck sagging, which is presented either as sagging of the area under the chin or as generalized sagging of the entire neck and wrinkles.


In cases where there is sagging and intense wrinkling in the lower trigeminal region, i.e. the neck, then the above procedures can be combined with a neck lift (Necklift).

Through the same incisions around the ear now the manipulations are made in the main muscle of the neck called the pterygium. In this way, the elimination of neck wrinkles and sagging is achieved, as well as the restoration of the shape of the lower jaw, as outlined by the rearrangement of the tissues on it. Thus, in combination with the removal of the skin’s excess, we have the desired result.

Sometimes a small incision under the chin is also required through which excess fat can be removed and the neck muscles tightened to correct any tendency to protrusion, double chin or intense “bagging” of the skin in the area. In addition, the obvious, unsightly “bands” of the flattening (the vertical strings that are sharply outlined in some people’s necks) can also be corrected.

The procedure is for those who have neck laxity whether they are in their 4th, 5th, 6th decade of life or even later.

WITH WHICH other surgeries it gets COMBINED?

  • The loosening of the neck is often due not only to the excess and loosening of the skin and soft tissues but also to the lack of good support from the deeper bones. That is, a “weak” chin may be largely responsible for the sagging neck, paradoxical as that may sound. In this case, in addition to the Necklift(or in some cases without Necklift), the strengthening of the chin with a special insert(pygonoplasty) or even hydroxyapatite crystals in milder cases, can give the desired result. This additional intervention can greatly delay the reappearance of relaxation in the area!
  • Micro-liposuction of the neck area is almost always combined with the Necklift.

Information about the surgery


The pain of the operation is perfectly controlled with special analgesic treatment.

Special protection for after surgery

After the operation, a special elastic bandage is applied, which is removed the next day of surgery and replaced by a special elastic garment.

Suture removal

The stitches are removed gradually from the 4th day and up to the 12th day depending on the case.

Small tubes (drains) are inserted and removed on the 2nd day


The operation is performed either by general or by drunkenness and local (hypnotherapy)

The patient should have the head elevated for 24 hours. Walking and light activity is allowed in the second 24 hours. Showering is allowed on the third 24-hour period

It requires abstinence from intense activities, lifting heavy weights (over 10 kg), aerobic exercise for at least 6 weeks.

Real cases

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case #2

Case #3

Case #4

Frequent questions

The aging process does not stop with surgery. Therefore, the correct answer to this question is that after the surgery you will always look 8-10 years younger/younger.

It is relatively rare that the relaxation is localized in the neck area, without being present on the face, at least on the lower face. In these cases, however, it could be done in isolation.

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