Local fat is difficult to reduce despite proper diet and exercise. The new fat dissolving treatment with AQUALYX is injectable, non-invasive and quickly and safely relieves women and men from local fat “pillows”.


This new treatment has spectacular results as it uses as its weapon an acid produced by the human body for the same purpose, namely to burn fat.

According to scientific research, AQUALYX contains deoxycholanic acid, a type of bile acid, which dissolves the “pillows” of local fat that do not disappear with exercise and proper nutrition.

The new treatment is injected and AQUALYX is injected directly into the subcutaneous adipose tissue using thin, flexible needles. As the fatty tissue has almost no sensation, the treatment is essentially painless. In addition, AQUALYX contains an additional local anaesthetic.

The new treatment can be applied to almost the entire human body to dissolve local fat in: buttocks, biceps, biceps, biceps, forearms, arms, armpits, waist, hips, hips, buns, knees, chest, inner thighs. It may also be a possible treatment for pseudo-gynecomastia and buffalo hump.

The number of treatments varies depending on the desired degree of correction, the size of the local fat and the specific reactions of the adipose tissue. On average, 3-5 treatments are estimated, with three-week breaks in between, until the results are visible.

A healthy diet and exercise are absolutely essential to ensure the success of the treatment.

Immediately after application, the area may become red and show a slight swelling. As with any hypodermic needle treatment, a very small hematoma is likely to occur. All of these are considered expected side effects and fully subside a few days after treatment.

Immediately after the treatment and for the next 12 hours, cosmetics should not be applied to the area, while all direct sources of heat and radiation (sunbathing, UV radiation, sauna, etc.) should be avoided for one day.

In addition, intense physical exercise is not allowed for the next 7 days. As the fatty acids that are released are converted into additional energy, it is very important to continue with a healthy diet, otherwise the body will store the fat elsewhere.

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