This plastic surgery procedure has to do with improving the image of the wider buttocks area. It is a combination of many different actions that, depending on the case, are done to achieve the desired final shape.

The operation

Buttocks sculpting may include liposuction of some areas, fat transfer, liposuction in other areas and the possible use of inlays or other injectable materials specific for use in the area.

The purpose of the surgery is not to increase the size of the buttocks but to create a more attractive shape and lift them! This is achieved by adding volume at specific points.

The optimisation of each individual technique can also play a very important role in the final result. The use of special technologies in the liposuction phase (SAFElipoconcepts, Vaser) and possibly the use of stem cells, are factors that ensure to a large extent the quality and longevity of the result.

When the procedure involves small areas of liposuction, it can be performed under local anesthesia, while when larger changes are required, it is performed under general anesthesia.

It is also very important to clarify the following facts concerning the fat transfer procedure: The safety of this procedure lies in the placement of fat exclusively subcutaneously and not in the buttock muscle. The technique I use is called EVL (Expansion, VibrationLipofilling) and allows me to place as much fat subcutaneously as I think is needed for the ideal result. The traditional syringe technique cannot ensure this, resulting in either not enough fat getting where it should or having to be forced into the muscle, which automatically makes the procedure less safe. Each case is treated individually and after studying the specific characteristics, discussing with the patient the ideal result and taking into account the particular characteristics that in each racial group can make the area “attractive”, we make the plan of the operation.

Πληροφορίες για την επέμβαση


Direct. You should wait for the appearance of bruising and swelling, which remain for 1-2 weeks.


The pain of the operation is perfectly controlled with special analgesic treatment. It resembles the “gripping” pain after intense exercise.

Special protection for after surgery

Special elastic garments should be used for 2-6 weeks after surgery (depending on the extent of liposuction).

Suture removal

The stitches from the small holes are removed one week after the operation.

Usually 2 small tubes (drains) are inserted and removed on the 2nd day.


The procedure is performed either under general or general anaesthesia or sometimes under local anaesthesia.

It requires abstinence from intense activities, lifting heavy weights (over 10 kg), aerobic exercise for at least 6 weeks.

Specific instructions will also be given on how the patient can sit after the operation.


The patient will be followed up on the first day after surgery and then in the clinic on the 1st week and then at 2 weeks, 6 weeks and 3 months or whenever necessary.

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