iS Clinical facial treatment

To support our extensive range of skincare products, we have a selection of treatments to optimise skin health.

Each treatment is designed to target a different skin need.

From our favourite celebrity Fire & Ice treatment to the Cancer Care Harmony facial.


Experience the rejuvenation of the legendary Fire & Ice Facial.

Designed for fast and safe skin reconstruction, this professional treatment includes the combination of heating and cooling sensations that will leave your skin refreshed and revitalized.

Often referred to as the cure for ?Red Hair?, it is the best treatment for both celebrities and non-celebrities alike for its effective benefits.

Starting with an intensive reconstruction mask to warm the skin, the treatment is completed with a refreshing mask to cool it down. Enjoy the added benefits of refined skin texture, reduced blemish appearance and improved appearance of fine lines and wrinkles ? all with little to no downtime.


Enjoy the powerful, yet soothing foam enzyme facial treatment featuring active foaming agents for light and effective exfoliation.

This professional treatment combines papaya and pineapple enzymes with a powerful, botanically derived glycolic acid to reveal a polished, more radiant complexion.

The foaming mask is lightly massaged into the skin while the steam helps it to diffuse further. Extractions can be done to remove impurities.

A light mist and hydrating serum is applied followed by an intensive cooling mask. Good for all skin types, the Foaming Enzyme Treatment Facial will leave your skin clean and glowing. Schedule your enzyme foam facial treatment with a professional today.


Awaken your senses and restore balance to the skin with the Harmony Facial.

This professional treatment is formulated with rejuvenating and therapeutic bio-nutrients to renew tone, clarity and resilience. A creamy cleanser is gently massaged into the skin, paying particular attention to relaxing areas of stress. A refreshing mask is then applied, giving the skin a luxurious feeling of coolness.

It can also be massaged into the hands and arms, leaving your skin feeling calm and your body feeling relaxed.

Ideal for sensitive skin types, The Harmony Facial brings vibrant energy, circulation and a healthy glow to tired skin.

PRO TIP: We recommend the Harmony Facial for those who are dealing with the negative effects of cancer treatments on their skin.


Revitalize your skin with the Honey Enzyme Facial.

This luxurious, exfoliating and moisturizing facial enhances the skin with gentle massage and soothing hydration.

Enjoy the heat sensation of the honey cleanser as you receive a lymphatic drainage massage.

An exfoliating mask is applied in a circular motion to stimulate circulation and gently renew the skin.

The Honey Enzyme Facial is completed with a deep moisturizing mask that nourishes the skin and leaves it feeling refreshed. Effective for all skin types, you will enjoy a dramatically smoother, brighter skin with a remarkable glow.

???????? iS Clinical

Formulated with pharmaceutical-grade anti-aging cosmetics and botanical ingredients, iS Clinical is well established worldwide. The dedicated clinical team is involved in leading research and development for home care formulations that support and rejuvenate the skin. The iS Clinical product line is a daily skin care routine in 4 easy steps: Cleanse, Condition, Moisturize and Protect.

Discover the perfect skin program for you and improve your skin health.

Create your complete skincare program by selecting products from each step. Suitable for all skin types and ages.

The iS Clinical products are:

  • Without paraben
  • 95% to 98% natural ingredients
  • Pharma Grade Quality Ingredients
  • Safe in pregnancy
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